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Tidal South Pressure Washing, LLC is a locally owned and operated business with our main office in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. We have over a decade of pressure washing experience in this area and we enjoy servicing folks all over South Carolina, as well as in the Greater Charleston Area. We believe that professionalism, customer service and value are paramount in any service industry. After working with us, you will understand why Tidal South Pressure Washing, LLC is Mt Pleasant and Charleston's premier pressure washing company.

Among other things that set us apart from most pressure washing companies is the fact that we don't simply blast, high-pressure to speed through cleaning of any kind. We use appropriate pressure and sometime low pressure, or soft wash, making the proper chemical mixture the most important part

of pressure washing, especially with the heavy mold and mildew encountered on the homes and businesses in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant.  The second important part of pressure washing is the use of hot water.  Hot water greatly increases the working ability of the chemicals.  Without hot water and the proper chemical mixture, you would be forced to pressure wash using high pressure.  You would never wash your dishes without hot water and the proper detergent.  We would never wash your home without those two very necessary things.

We invite you to look at our Client Reviews, check out our Photo Gallery of work and call us at 1-843-696-7637. You can also email us at max@tidalsouth.com or use the Contact form to inquire more about our services.